perform as an enterprose with Socialesponsibility;

     perform as diefei's with-social responsibility

     Shengcai enterprise tenet emphasizes the personal goal's coherence with the development goal of enterprise.and the enterprise goal's coherence with the socitety's development goal. Since its establishment,

     Shengcai has been mantaining a high sense of responsibility for the customer;Responsible for the employee with sincere attitude; Responsible for the country and society with the solemn commitment.Diefei's members and departments should take on important responsibility for the total developments of enterprise.Mangers at all levels of ChuangXin should also be highly responsible for their staff.As a ChuangXin with social responsibility,one should in-st responsible for oneself and one's family,keep gentle psychology and practical style,responsible for thers and keep the friendly relation with the colleague Responsible for the enterprise with serious-minded attitude,to offer or deliver the best working achievement to the enterprise.